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Retro Prague House - the spaces has been redesigning so that are fully suitable for unique corporate events with a capacity of up to 1,000 guests.

Restaurant Retro went through a complete redesigning of interior, the space is sensitively supplemented with industrial elements and the non-traditional lounge will be adapted to cover up to 40 guests.

The Retro Cocktail Bar is directly connected to the restaurant and will be able to offer up to 300 guests together with the restaurant if necessary.

In addition to regular club evenings, concerts and discos, Retro Music Hall also offers space for conferences, training sessions, lectures, not only school balls and thanks to the beautiful atrium also various sports events.

Venue called Retro

Retro Praha

The multifunctional space is used mainly for organizing corporate events and parties. A great location at the tram and metro hub Náměstí Míru and the fact that is one of the largest clubs in Prague, makes it the perfect place for organizing corporate and social events.

The capacity of the room is up to 600 people in a buffet arrangement and 1000 in case of concerts.
More about Retro

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Loyalty Cards - How do you get a RETRO PRAGUE HOUSE card or a Retro Music Hall card?

The card will be issued to you at any Retro Prague House, Francouzská 75/4, Prague 2 Vinohrady upon request. In order to obtain and apply all its benefits, it is necessary to register in the Card Activation tab or directly here. By registering, your customer account will be opened within 24 hours and the card will be activated. Only then can you get bonuses and enjoy all the benefits.

The Retro Prague House card offers you the opportunity to enjoy a return bonus:

We will keep a record of individual payments for consumption at Retro Prague House premises immediately after its acquisition (24 hours after registration at http://www.retroprague.com/en/menu/x108-AKTIVACE-KARTY.htm).

Payments will be continuously added up and credited with a bonus of 5% for every CZK 1,000 spent on the card (please check the correct assignment of the card number to the account on each account received from the operator, for later claims will not be taken into account).

You can use the bonus when making another payment at our businesses. Bonuses are added. Once you decide to use the bonuses, just notify the operator.

With the bonus you can apply a discount of up to 75% of the price of consumption on the receipt. We'll transfer your outstanding balance in the calendar month, which is less than $ 50, to the following month.

You can find out the balance of the bonus from the receipt or from the operator.

It is always necessary to present a card to record your payment or claim the bonus.

You can use the RETRO PRAGUE card or the RETRO MUSIC HALL card in the Francouzská 75/4 companies, namely:

Restaurant PuticaByRetro

Retro Cocktail & Music Bar

Retro Music Hall

Bonus points from individual events are added up and can be used at any event.

Cards must always be presented when applying for an account!

Card Loss or Damage - Block your card as soon as possible by emailing info@retroprague.com

You can apply for a new card at any Retro Prague venue.

We will be pleased to provide you with information on loyalty cards on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm at info@retroprague.com or by calling +420 606 824 005

We look forward to you!

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General rules

Loyalty Card

A Registered Loyalty Card Holder (hereinafter referred to as the “Card Holder”) is entitled to benefit from discounts and / or benefits associated with the relevant type of “Loyalty Card”.

Any natural person who fulfills the specified conditions, agrees to these rules (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") and performs the proper activation of the card according to the relevant instructions on the website href => www.retroprague.com can become a loyalty card holder. In particular, the correct and correct indication of the required personal data, in particular the e-mail address, shall be deemed to be a proper activation of the card. The Company or other legal entity cannot participate in the Loyalty Card program. The administration of loyalty cards is guaranteed by Retro House s.r.o. . Loyalty cards may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions and in accordance with these Rules.

Card activation

The Customer will receive the Loyalty Card in any of the operations listed on href => www.retroprague.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Operation”). The card is mainly used to record payments for consumption in operations classified in the group href => www.retroprague.com. Without submitting a valid loyalty card it is not possible to record the payment made or claim a bonus.

The loyalty card is not transferable. The Card does not constitute an electronic means of payment and is only used to record payments for consumption paid by the Cardholder in individual Operations.

To claim the discount and / or take advantage of the Loyalty Card, it is necessary to make an initial registration on the website loyalty cards - Activation card. Registration will create a customer account and activate the card. By registering, the Cardholder confirms his / her agreement with the terms and conditions and these Rules.

Earning bonuses

The Cardholder may ask the Operations to register the payment for consumption by submitting a Loyalty Card. For every thousand crowns registered in the respective calendar month via the card in his customer account, the Cardholder receives a bonus of the corresponding value. The bonus will be credited to the Cardholder's customer account always on the first day of the following calendar month. Any balance of registered payments credited to the card in the respective calendar month, which does not reach the amount of CZK 1,000, is transferred to the following month.

Any payment for consumption can be credited to the customer's account only if a valid loyalty card is presented at checkout.

Withdrawal from the Loyalty Card program

The Cardholder will be informed about any changes in the Program through the website www.retroprague.com or by e-mail or in writing.

Retro House reserves the right to change these Program Terms and / or Conditions at any time, in particular the rewards, benefits, discounts, bonuses and offers offered by the Program, or to enter into force new terms and conditions that come into effect on the day of publication on the retroprague website. com. Furthermore, Retro House reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time without giving any reason.

We will be pleased to answer all your questions at info@retroprague.com or at +420 606 824 005.



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